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CDS Notes

Hi Club Leaders!
This year we have had a renewed focus on ensuring the needs and views of clubs are considered across all levels of the Phab organisation.
We resurrected the Club Development and Support meeting in January and for transparency, the notes are sent to you. Notes from the latest meeting in October can be seen below.
We are making progress:
•             A logo for clubs is available
•             We have a solution for the club website problem
•             Affiliation agreements have been updated
•             Guidance on GDPR was issued
We are working on:
•             An updated Phab pack including a review of policies
•             ‘Future proofing’ – support for clubs needing to find the next generation of leaders and volunteers

Some clubs reported problems communicating with our insurance brokers. We have a main contact, Rachel Snow. If you have any issues please flag to Rachel or let me know.
If you have any feedback on any aspect of Phab, please let me (South East) or your Regional Chair (Phil Ford – Midlands, Phil Peel – North, Ros Probert – South West) know.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you do for your club and Phab more widely. I hope you have a great time celebrating with your club in the run up to Christmas and then have a relaxing break with your family and friends
We’ll then be ready for another great year of Phab in 2019 – Making More Of Life Together.
All the best

Julia Giles
Chair, Club Development and Support

Club Development and Support Meeting, 25th October 2018


  • Julia Giles (Chair)
  • Phil Ford
  • Phil Peel
  • Anne Joyce
  • George Whittingham

Apologies: Ros Probert
Discussion on Regional Club Meeting/Club Issues

  • Phil Peel Feedback – Documents we provide for clubs, policies and procedures, can clubs be sent a full copy? Encourage clubs to download sections from the Phab Pack. Will invite small group of club leaders from North for similar discussions – several are interested in getting together over a coffee on a Saturday. Will aslo get feedback at North Fun Weekend
  • Phil Ford spoke to leaders of 4 clubs at the Midlands Fun Weekend – importance of leaders using Phab pack and showing to new people in clubs
  • Julia Giles Feedback – SE Leaders Meeting – 5 clubs attended, fantastic location at Quakers House, Watford, cost £24.  Aim of Meeting – Sharing ideas, being inspired, and getting enthusiasm. Discussion regarding new young members, new activities, the SE Fb page.  Issues with website – we now have new website. Plus:
    • Making it easier to find your club – what can we do? Postcode finder
    • Coping sharing leadership responsibilities – Club mobile, club email that people share.
    • Google Docs / URLs
    • Support when a member dies
    • Discussed:  logo, Parallel London, Chichester Fun Weekend, responsibilities of club leaders at Fun Weekends

(see meeting notes for follow up actions)

Action Owner Target
After the success of the SE and SW bulletins, we have now sent out a National bulletin that includes funding that all can apply for. GW Closed
Phab Pack to be edited and made easier to access for leaders of new and existing clubs. Anne currently amending sections 1-6, When that is finished, create mini Phab pack. GW/AJ April 19
Phab Club Documents/Policy Templates – Ensuring policies are easily available, dated, relevant and easy to access. Julia to take policies sections to board and to encourage a finish date. Could update in the Phab Monthly Bulletin. MH/MJ January meeting
What do you do when a member dies? Courtney Giles has created a bereavement document with useful information, for clubs to use – it will be going in the Phab Pack. GW When pack published
New Phab Club logo has been introduced, Positive Feedback, clubs to have reminder in affiliation paperwork.
Can we have a quote for a Phab font?
PP January meeting
South East Leaders Facebook group running well, we invite those who attend the SE meeting to encourage the right type of use

Phil Peel to set up Facebook group for North region for leaders.

PP January meeting
Future Proofing 
Discussed a future proofing document that staff can use to identify how and when to support a Phab club. Julia has created a document for staff.

Document – The responsibilities of running a club evening.
The responsibilities of running an activity

We want to encourage clubs to create a handover plan for activities, events, club evenings.
Could be an entire new section in the Phab Pack.
Continuing to create document, and trial it within the Midlands how it works. Phil Fords Club.

JG/GW Ongoing
Look at new ways of finding volunteers Come 2019, D of E will have created a new scheme that allows our club details to be advertised on their website. No date announced so far. Clubs still can contact D of E and discuss the opportunity individually. GW When new scheme in place
Freemasons – Anne to chase Paul Crockett for update on how to work together with new Freemasons initiative Helping Hands scheme AJ January meeting
Community Transport Association – Clubs have been informed of their new website that includes a search bar to find your local CT provider. GW Closed
Marathon runners – investigate how to share opportunities to help their local clubs with them. Advertise one-off opportunities to assist a club on Facebook group. Trial to use some marathon runners in the Midlands and when opportunities arise. JW/GW As opportunities arise
Parallel London – Waiting for a date in 2019 – and information on packages for Phab to purchase. As soon as we have a date all clubs will be informed. Chase for update.
New T-shirt for Phab – New logo for all to use potentially at Parallel London “making more of life together” on back – GW to investigate creating. & AJ (Instaprint)
GW When date available
Club Websites: Now have milestone plan for introducing new sites first for those impacted, then other clubs as requested GW January Meeting
Postcode Finder – investigate getting it set up on Phab website to help people find clubs more easily GW January Meeting
Insurance Clubs have reported issues with the Phab insurance – through AJG Insurance Brokers. Clubs have not had queries answered and have had a number of emails from various people at AJG which has caused confusion. Martin was asked at the Board Meeting to follow this up. AJG were not aware of problems – have given a named contact (Rachel Snow) Any problems, flag them to Rachel or Phab UK asap Club Leaders Ongoing
Regional Chairs and Officers to bring club feedback to next CDS meeting Regional Chairs and Officers Ongoing
Share summary of CDS at Trustees meeting JG Ongoing
Share minutes of CDS and action list with all club leaders GW Ongoing

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