Children in Need Funding and the Future

Phab as most of you know have over a number of years been battling to keep the club going.
We are now in a good position for the next three years thanks to Children in Need funding.

We are looking to gain our own charity status next rather than rely on being affiliated to Phab UK and to use the next few years now rather than simply survive but to push on and add to what we do and offer. It is exciting.

We need to grow our committee and would love more parent involvement and/or from outside if as parent you don’t have a little time to give you may know someone who you could ask.

If you would simply like to come along and meet our current committee and ask us questions and see what you might be able to offer come along and meet us after Christmas at the Grand Hotel at the bar on Torquay seafront at 8pm – Tuesday 9th January.

Time wise we look to have 5 meetings per year and then anything else is up to you.

Please come and found out more – we can together create something even more special that will be sustainable for the future.

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