Club Timetable

Subject to change –  Most nights have Sports, Arts and Craft plus computer games as well as listed activity.  Also feel happy to speak to Steven Scott Young peoples’ Chair if you have further ideas, always welcome.

Note BBQ / Beach Event are for both groups.

If you want to see the Phab Junior (Weds Night) Timetable Click Here


The committee have voted to increase subs from January 2019 to £4. We are sorry to do this but the committee want the club to be self sustainable and less dependent on grants which we never know if we will get.

Mondays – 7pm – 9pm – For ages 14 – 25 (older special circumstances)


15th – Cricket tournament

22nd  – Last Monday Club night. Water fight night / Late club.

Wednesday 24th – BBQ night 7pm – 9.30pm Parents are welcome to join us this year (£4) pending permission off their child!!

Back.  Monday 9th September

Sunday 3rd November – Harry Potter World  – Cost £25   This will include travel, entry to HP and a meal on the way home  You will need to bring a packed lunch.