Fee Waiving Policy

Phab Club Torquay – Club Leader Mark Thorneywork Barton Baptist Church, Happaway Road, Torquay, TQ2 8EU


PHAB wish to help families and carers in crisis to access our services free of charge when they have an emergency or no alternative means of payment. Funds will be limited.

From 2018 forward, we will designate 2% of unrestricted and undesignated reserves each year, which will be clearly identified in our annual report. Spaces will only be made available if funds are available; the criteria set out below has been met and the setting is able to provide the correct staffing level to meet the person’s needs.

It needs to be recognised by all as a stop gap, not a permanent solution. PHAB will work closely with families in crisis the local authority and health authorities to aid continuation of service funded through alternative sources. It is important to us that the procedures we follow are transparent, fair and non-discriminatory. Therefore, we have developed this policy to outline criteria for referral; the referral and decision making process, response time, limitations on support and referral pathways for ongoing support.

Criteria for referral:

A sudden family crisis e.g.

 Illness of main carer or sibling

 Death in the family

 Relationship break up

 An emergency in the extended family, requiring the main carer’s attention.

A significant family problem e.g.

 Family relocation; support framework not in place

 A financial problem/cash flow crisis

This provision is intended to support families or individuals with profound physical disabilities and/or severe learning disabilities.

We will only waive fees for individuals with a diagnosed condition.

We will prioritise provision on a ‘most need’ basis.

All provision will be time limited.

Maximum of 5 days per service users while funds are available.

Phab Club Torquay is affiliated to Phab Uk

The referral process: Who can refer?

 Families or individuals can self-refer

 Case Managers

 Schools

 Devon and Cornwall Police

Please note we will need parental permission to discuss each case with the Local Authority.

How to refer?

 Phone the Phab Club Leader on 07964710894

 E-mail: torquayphab@gmail.com

We will give you a simple form to complete which asks you to detail the issue, and what you need at this time to help. Where the emergency prohibits you from completing a form the manager will complete the form on your behalf.

Your form will be submitted to the Phab Committee members, based on the facts presented.

We aim to achieve a decision within 48 hours from referral.

We understand that in some cases an immediate response and placement may be required. We will try our best to facilitate this. However, referrers need to be aware that the correct staffing ratio has to be maintained to support all Phab service users effectively and safely. Where we are unable to staff the setting appropriately we will not be able to offer a placement. All emergency placements will need to be agreed and signed off by the Phab Leader prior to placement.


Where the referring family/agency do not agree with the decision of the Fee Waiving Panel they will have the right to appeal. Two Phab Committee not involved with the original decision making process will administer the appeal within a further 48 hours. Their decision will be final.

Ongoing referral pathways:

In every case Phab will work do what it can and advocate on behalf of, the referring family/agency to try and achieve sustained ongoing support.