New Website Unveiled

The clock ticked down!

The excitement rose, the room was buzzing in anticipation!

7pm came and a raffle was drawn. All paying members had their name in the draw and 1 lucky club member was chosen to press the button that would light up the new website on the internet.

The lucky name was……

Laura Green

And so the time came, we all counted down and the website that you are on right now, went live.


2 thought on “New Website Unveiled”

  1. Mark Thorneywork

    I am really proud of our new site, it’s amazing, a real leap forward from what I thought was a good website before. With our funding in place and this fantastic website I am really excited now for the future. Lets all work together to continue to create a special place for all young people in Torbay with disabilities or not.

    Thank you Jon Lake for all your hard work on our new website it is Brill!

    1. phab101 Post author

      Thanks Mark.
      It has been an honour to update the Phab Club website and I look forward to making it the go-to place for members for years to come.
      I am also excited for the future and the possibilities are now endless.
      Jon Lake


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