Hurrah! After all those months of just being behind a screen at home, Phab is back!

Get your diaries out and mark in w/c Monday September 21st

But there will be a few changes for the foreseeable future. Read the document below in full to see how Phab will be running until at least Christmas.

Here are the relevant forms as mentioned above.

Click on each one and download or print off. Please contact June (number above) if you are unable to print off.)

**The forms have been sent out by post so you should not need to download them. Please return them to June and Alan (address above) despite what it says on the forms.**

Phab Joining Form – MUST be completed and sent in before coming to club.

Standing Order Form

Phab permission form

Bank transfer document

Just to clarify some of the points:
The standing order of £13 per month for Mondays and Wednesdays is worked out across the whole year. This can also be a Direct Debit is you wish.
The normal club night fee is £4 x 39 weeks that the club is open (£156). To make the standing order system work and to prevent us from having to refund during the summer months, we have equated it over the 52 weeks which makes it only approx £3 per week.
This means you will be paying less each month but paying through the summer months when the club is shut.
The 25 maximum number per night:
On Wednesdays and Fridays the numbers are usually under this 25 threshold so there should be no problems.
However, on Monday nights, some of the mentors who go on Wednesdays and Fridays as well, will unfortunately have to only go to the Wednesdays or Fridays. This will enable the Monday club members to have a place within the 25 maximum.
Hope that is clear.