Staff Training

Phab Mentor and Volunteer Training 

First thing to do is log on to the website 

Go to: 

Your username and password have already been sent to you. 

The first time you go in you will need to change your password – you will see this screen. Type in the password given to you and then type in the new one you have chosen. 

Make sure you write it down somewhere safe! 

You will then see this: 


This is now what you see: 

This is now what you should see: 

Click on the i-learn module tab 

This is what you will now see: 

This is what you will now see: 

You can now work through the page and gain some credit and experience. 

You can then try this one: 

Then this one! 

Don’t forget to print out any certificates that you get for completion of courses. 

Any help needed on these modules then email or contact Mark or Alan. 

Mark – 

Alan –